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when me and my sister grow up my sister will be a millionairess and i will be a helper because she wants to be a sciences and work on mutating animals together to make mythical animals like a hydra of a phonics , hippogrif, dragon and monsters like that. i also like endaged species like koala ( IT IS NOT A BEAR!!!) poler bear, gray wolf(i think), pandas , bald eagle, sea turtle (lather back, green, longger and  Kemp’s ridley) white nosed bat, 


Be Vary Afraid BecNessMonster


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I think that it is very nice of you to want to help endangered animals. Also I think it would be a very fun and helpful job! Please reply,

Hi Becky
You are correct in saying that a Koala is actually not a “bear” but instead it is a pouched mammal or known as a marsupial. In fact l was in far north Queensland last week where l was able to hold a Koala and they are beautiful creatures.

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