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MINECRAFT is a fun game that is made of Blocks you can build any thing you want or mine  to Bedrock but at night Monsters come out and try to kill you. the monsters there are Zombies, sekelitons creepers(green guys that blow up) Huge spiders enderman and a liveing H*** that is filled with zombie pig men and ghasts that shot fire balls and in the end there is the Enderdragon. but there is also god guys like NPC villagers and pigs sheep chickens and cows you can also befrenad Dogs and cats.

Be Vary Afraid


Challen 2 minecraft username is BecNessMonster


and vist kingkrafter99 Blog

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I love MINECRAFt I got all daimond tools and armor and been to the nether and I CANT COUNT HOW MANY TIMES A CREEPER BLU MY HOUSE DOWN!

I play mindcraft at school on fridays, and I have never seen a creeper before, but everyone in my class has. I made a pink house with multicolored flooring for different rooms, and I even made a librairy! its so fun!

I also love cats, too!

hey you forgot about golems

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