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Posted by BecNessMonster | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on September 13, 2012

When Ever i Am stress full i  clench my Jaw and i dont make eye contact and try to keep my Kool but now that i have braces i am not aloud to clench my jaw so i dig my nails in to my arm. the  challeng 1  web site

                                                                                                                           Be Vary Afraid


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PS. i Know i spell Vary wrong 🙂

Hi Becky.
Its funny how you commented on that because I was going to say you spelt it wrong. I love your theme I think its really cool.

Don’t forget to link back to Challenge 1 site so Ms. Wyatt knows you’ve finished the activity. Also, give an example of a situation that makes you stressed in your post.

Cool sometimes I can’t hold my anger either
and I am getting braces 🙂

Nice blog BecNessMonster!! How was the dance fun???

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