Literature Circles Activity # 2


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1: Some Main events Were:

-Kid Falls Down IN Basket Ball Game

-Kid Goes To Hospital

-Kid Gets Blood Test For 1 Year

-Parents And Not Telling Him Whats Wrong

-He Learns What It Wrong And Gets Mad At Parents

-Runs away To The Woods


2: Round And Flat

Round: Mike, Gloria,Doug

Flat: Dr. Gage,Mom,Dad


3:From What I Saw There Was no Co op

Um I Predict That He Will Kill a deer Go Home Then DIE!






Hunter In The Dark (Literature/Inquiry Circles)


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this Book From What i Read So Far Is about a Boy Who left his home to live in the forest and he left because he collapses in a basketball game and went to the hospital for tests. he know there is something worng but parents wont tell him and they are telling him to stay at home and not go any were.



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My Sister Yet again has goten my in to another TV Show this one is called Merlin! it is about  merlin as he grew up in camelot and when arther is still just a prinse and Uther Is King Of Camelot and How He Kills all Who Has Magic.

the Frount it Merlin on the left is morgana guis and Gwen on the right is arthther and Uther

Movie Impact:Super 8


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The Movie That Had an Impact On Me Was Super 8. this Movie Was  Made For Kids Around The age Of 12 and Older. I Would d Say That it Is Like that Because It is about Kids (8) That are the age of 12 to16 in 1979 Who are Filming at a Old un used rail way station and when out of no were A Train Comes and a car comes and rams in to it and the train crashes in to the station and the kids got out of the way just in time. When it crashes a bunch of Tiny White Cubes Come out and go Every were then they hear a police car coming so they all run. Then a little later people disaper out of no were and items start to go flying up to some were and…….. This Movie had an impact on me because it was a good action movie that Had Some oddness to it in it about what the cubes were. TRAILER

My Poem Part 2


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As The Snow Slowly Melts Off the Plants The Animals  Come Out From The Slumber And the Birds Come Back North From The South I Shed My winter Coat, the cool air chills me But It Still Refreshes me As it Is Fresh And Aromatic


Boil, Burn

Sizzling, Frying, Tanning

Refreshing, Sunning, Bitter, cold

Freezing, Frosting, Numbing

Ice, Snow


My Poem Part 1it Was Better As the Word doc


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B         R

I        D





TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree Slowly Blowing Trees TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree

TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree Leaves Falling Silently TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree

TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree on The Dying Grass TreeTreeTreeTreeTreTreeTree

TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree As Birds Fly South TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree

TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree TreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTreeTree


                                     STUMP                        WIND
STUMP                          le
STUMP                         af


My Book Report


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Book report Done By Becky

So this Book Report is About the Book Magyk it is about a Young Girl Who is actually a Princess and she is getting Hunted so they can steal the Crown. Here is a BIG summry of the over all of the book!

One Day When Silas Heap was walking Home To The Castles Ramblings With The Herbs For His New Born Baby He Notices Something in the bush He goes Over To Find a Baby With Purple eyes staring Up at him so He Cradled the baby Girl it was wrapped in a wool blanket but was still very cold he wouldn’t know what Sarah Would say if He Brought Home A New Baby. He Put the Baby in his clock and kept walking when A dark Figure appears An Extra Ordinary Wizard Name Marcia Silas Gasped “Marcia What On Earth-““Tell On No One You Found Her She Was Born To You. Understand?” Shocked Silas Nodded before He Had Time say any more she disappeared in a purple Mist. As he walked He thought who was this Baby? What did Marcia Have to do With Her? And why was Marcia Now A Extra Ordnariy Wizard? As He Waked Up To His Red door To the overcrowded house that the heaps Lived in when the Matrons midwife ran out screaming “Septimus is Dead” As she Pushed Silas away with a firm shove. Silas went in with a heavy heart. He went in to see Sarah with 6 white faced boys all too scared to cry. At That Moment he put the Bundle in Sarah’s arms and she Burst in to tears.

The Baby settled down nicely and they named her Jenna. The youngest boy Nicko was only 2 when Jenna arrived so he soon forgot. The older boys soon forgot to but Silas and Sarah Never forgot. The boys loved Jenna and always brought her threshers from Magyk Class. Soon Sally From her tea and ale shop, came bye to talk to Sarah like She Did for the past 6 months ever sins Septimus Died she found a liking to talk to Sarah. Sally Always got The inside Scoop on Everything in the Rambles so She Would Tell Sarah about The Stuff She Learned. ”The Queen is Dead Can You Believe It? Alther too.” said sally. “what When?”” About 6 months the same day the queens baby was born. Now How is your Little angel doing?” asked sally. “Oh, she’s Just Fine.”.
10 Years Later The Supreme Custodian Talked to the assassin about were the Queenling is the Finally found her and were preparing to kill her before she was old enough could claim the crown. “Family Name?” ”Heap My Lord.” “How Many In The family?””Nine My Lord.” “In that case 9 bullets and 1 silver one for the Princess and a Silver Pistol.”
Once the Silas,Jenna,Nicko,Maxie(the Wolfhound),Boy 412  and marcia got to aunt Zelda’s and Sarah and The Other Boys Got To Mellena. Sila and the rest of them there were hunted and found( STOP) and once they Defeated the hunter bye erasing his memory. marcia asked Boy 412 to be Her apprentice he accepted and Sarah and the rest of the Boys all came to Zeldas House and they Celebrated and then Marcia said that she has to grant him ONE gift the best she can so he asked “i Want to see Who my Mom is“ so they went to Zeldas Duck Pond to ask Mother wood In the Duck pond it showed Who it was it was SARAH then they realized that Boy 412 was actually Septimus and He Never Died!
I Chose This Book because it was a book on my moms shelf that sounded good when i was looking for a book to read. i found that this was  a good book and i can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I find the people in the book were very life like and that they could come right out of the book i think that because in the book they say what all the characters are thinking. the Character i liked the best was Boy 412 Because He is a Funny Person Who Never talked he only said His name in the beginning and only in the end did he say more than that. I Would Recommend this book for most people who mainly like Harry Potter because they both have magic and they also have a bit of Odd/Strangeness to them.

Doctor Who


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A Place I Find Interesting


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In The Tv Show On BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) Sherlock This Is Were Sherlock Holmes Lives. But It Actually Does not look like that. I Thought This was interesting because my sister got me in to Doctor who And Sherlock!

In The Show



In Real Life



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Sorry I Have Not Posted any Posts… Today My hamster Died (jigsaw) and my sister is anying and she got me in to Doctor Who and Sherlock. for Doctor Who I started with the 9Th Doctor.

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